Daughter of a musical genius. She grew up in a medium of people who, with a good economic level and different trades, felt a taste for music and wanted to learn from the best. Coming from a mother with great artistic abilities and a heart given to the most needy. Sister younger than three children. Family of a historical importance in Colombia very important.

Tatiana, when she was a child, was awarded several prizes for drawing and painting. At 9 years old, the National University of Colombia granted her the benefit of studying for 6 years a human figure in adult courses.
The curiosity of this girl was permanent. At his young age she had already read several literary and philosophical authors who would mark a reference in her life.

Parallel the need to exercise for the high energy that showed, penetrated worlds such as classical ballet, olympic gymnastics and tennis at her young age. Of which the latter were several years of intensive training in the National League obtaining a pair of triumphs.
Her talent was invented. The manual ability, each time became more present.

Empirical card, textiles, sewing, jewelry, plastic arts among others. She decided to study law in one of the most influential universities in Latin America. But they were times in which the war in Colombia was very present and I choose to have a calmer life. So after two years and being a good student, I leave her passion and love for the humanities, moved to the Faculty of Visual Arts.

There, she decided that her work life would not depend on the work of a group and she specialized in graphic design, to lead a more solitary life, of which she has always felt pleasure. Although her studies were graphic, her social circle was a select group of moviegoers and intellectuals who led her to the deep study of films, of course to her performance as an art director and later as an audiovisual producer in several film projects that demonstrated her productive potential . While doing her professional studies, in her free time she worked as an assistant to a well-known national producer and a magazine editor. This opened more doors in the cultural world in hier country. Finding artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and very influential people.
When finishing her studies, she exercised several trades, but again there was a direct call to the cultural world. She work for several years in the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.

Tatiana’s brain is developed in both hemispheres. She is an ambidextrous person, she paints with the right as well as with the left.
Tatiana’s sentimental life was solitary. So she spent 28 years, always surrounded by good friends, more men than women. But never a formal relationship. Until the love arrived in her life and that was an incentive to move to Miami, a place she never thought she could live and in which she started again. In that city, where she is currently living, Tatiana explored trades as a graphic designer in recognized newspapers and magazines. Director in some art galleries. To land in a world that I did not think I would inhabit and would please her, television. More than 4 years writing, producing and directing in a local Univision newscast. Nominated for two Emmi awards. Her philosophy of life, “anything we undertake is only wanting to achieve it. The important thing is always to do it better. ” She is a passionate woman for life, music, good movies, colors and of course books. affected by the current life and even more the position of the woman in front of the society. She has a son who is her inspiration. The role of mother led her to carry out several projects while caring for her son for almost 4 years, today she is dedicated to digital art, her passion.